IGP 1 check-in photo

Fall 2020 Trial

Our 2020 trial is now in the books.  Huge thanks to our judge, Randall Hoadley, and helper, Todd Dunlap, for braving air travel to make it possible.  A second huge thank you to the 4 teams from Utah that made the trek north to join us.  It’s always great to meet new friends who share our obsession with this crazy sport.

We are extremely grateful that we were even able to have a trial.  Putting on a trial takes months of preparation under normal circumstances.  This year nothing was normal.  COVID-19 added extra procedures, changed long-established routines, and prohibited us from having our usual feast and socialization.  Add in record heat, a massive wildfire (which we could see from the field), difficulty of securing tracking and we can all attest it was a trial to remember but not repeat.

We are very proud to announce that all 7 of our BH entries were successful.  This was the first title in the sport for several of our teams.  It’s always exciting to celebrate that first step.  We also had 2 successful IGP 1s and 1 IGP 2.  In many aspects, it was a typical trial – dogs made mistakes (“my dog’s never done that before”) – handlers made mistakes (“I can’t believe I just did that”) and moments of brilliance.  As many of our handlers can attest, every trial is a learning experience. 


  • Clarissa and Puck
    • High IGP 1
    • High in Trial
    • High in Tracking
    • High in Obedience
  • Dakota and Ram Kota
    • BH and IGP 1
    • High in Protection
  • Mike and Zeus
    • High IGP 2

And to our BH successes:

  • Leighanne and Cairo
  • Ann and Yetti
  • Wes and Nia
  • Clarissa and Ripley
  • Ann and Yargus
  • David and Navi

That’s a wrap.  Time to start training and looking forward to next year!

Written by Janice Bogy

September 2019 Trial

Big Sky Working Dog Club

September 14-15, 2019
Judge Hartmut Beckmann
Tracklayer Christopher Smith * Helper Todd Dunlap

Blazins Gunner Vicki Barbeau P A S S E D    
Puck du Triangle Magique Clarissa Negaard P A S S E D    
C’Nia Von Blumental Wesley Taylor No    
IGP I   T O P      
Giovanni di 16130 Anne Camper 95 80 96 a 271 SG
Gravitas Barristan Cari Bracken 88 98 97 a 283 SG
Beorn Von Blumental Clarissa Negaard 94 81 0 ng 175 M
IGP II   T O P      
Vrisco von Sontausen Janice Bogy 84 56 88 a 228 M
Tara z Cagova raje Ann Mackay 75 82 91 a 248 G
IGP III   T O P      
Gravitas Andrew Katie Finlay 95 85 92 a 272 SG
FH1   T          
Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain Clarissa Negaard 88       88 G
Heidi Errinor Ryan Waters 83       83 G
IFH-V   T          
Nika z Vodnanske doliny Donna Negaard 83       83 G