Fall 2018 breaks in our new field with a trial!!

“Our 2018 fall trial is now in the books.  After a summer of massive changes – new field, new equipment, hours of labor from club members – the trial was a great success due to the many contributions of ALL members.  It truly takes a village.

This year’s tracking was a combination of beauty and surreal, ethereal atmosphere.  After months of no moisture, it rained the night before.  There was dense valley fog, with the tracking field in the sun above the fog.  Interestingly, the plowed dirt fields were not muddy, but as the sun warmed the moist earth, a mist rose from the ground.  The IPO dogs had their issues with the conditions.  By the time Clarissa’s FH2 track was ready to run, the rising mist mixed with the fog lifting from the valley and the team disappeared from view as they headed down the track.  Anne, our very seasoned and experienced tracklayer had her work cut out for her as all of the landmarks and points of reference disappeared in the mist.  Toby and Clarissa had no trouble, however, and did an excellent FH2 track – 95 points, High in Tracking.  None of us trying to watch could see anything.  Definitely a tracking morning to remember with the most beautiful quality of light.

Conditions for the remainder of the trial were excellent – bright, sunny day in beautiful Montana with temperatures in the low 70s.  What more could any club wish for on trial day?

Club members, Ann Mackay and Tara, were the stars of the day, earning their IPO 1, High in Trial, High in Obedience and High in Protection!  Ann is a new handler and we are so excited for her success!  Other successful new titles were:  Chaz and Mr. Magoo, BH; Anne and Gio, BH; and our visitor from SD, Tracy and Yowie, BH.    Our other club member teams, Carol and Titus and Janice and Vrisco, proved their strength in protection with beautiful, powerful routines and scores of 95 and 96 but had their problems with the misty tracking fields. 

While our club has been in existence for decades, we currently have many new, young handlers and dogs.  We are looking forward to next year’s trial and a large field of participants getting their start in this fabulous, if not sometimes frustrating, sport.  We love our dogs and our members and celebrate the success of all. 

Janice Bogy

President, Big Sky Working Dogs”

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