September 2019 Trial

Big Sky Working Dog Club

September 14-15, 2019
Judge Hartmut Beckmann
Tracklayer Christopher Smith * Helper Todd Dunlap

Blazins Gunner Vicki Barbeau P A S S E D    
Puck du Triangle Magique Clarissa Negaard P A S S E D    
C’Nia Von Blumental Wesley Taylor No    
IGP I   T O P      
Giovanni di 16130 Anne Camper 95 80 96 a 271 SG
Gravitas Barristan Cari Bracken 88 98 97 a 283 SG
Beorn Von Blumental Clarissa Negaard 94 81 0 ng 175 M
IGP II   T O P      
Vrisco von Sontausen Janice Bogy 84 56 88 a 228 M
Tara z Cagova raje Ann Mackay 75 82 91 a 248 G
IGP III   T O P      
Gravitas Andrew Katie Finlay 95 85 92 a 272 SG
FH1   T          
Charlotte of Sapphire Mountain Clarissa Negaard 88       88 G
Heidi Errinor Ryan Waters 83       83 G
IFH-V   T          
Nika z Vodnanske doliny Donna Negaard 83       83 G

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