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Will add more when I have time, but I have a long history of neglecting web pages that refer to myself. So here’s the bullet list version of who I am for the purposes of this site.

  • current president, Big Sky Schutzhund Club
  • former training director BSSC
  • member United Schutzhund Clubs of America since 1986,
  • past Regional Director, Pacific Northwest Region of USA
  • current Assistant Regional Director, Pacific Northwest Region of USA
  • USA Performance Judge #37 since May 2009 (probationary standing until 3 years or 30 trials)
  • USA Certified Helper (Club) since 2004 or so, which is kind of funny because who wants an old fat guy working trials?
  • training helper for BSSC (and its precursor, the Bozeman Barkers and Biters) since 1986.
  • member of the American Working Malinois Association since ’03 and Director – at- large on the Executive Board since 2005.

Warren’s current dogs:

  • Izzy” — new puppy in training
  • Lexi” — repeating her IPO3

Warren & Ryker, late 80s, Montana State University photo shoot