Zappa du Loups du Soleil IPO1 CDX

Zappa Dappa Doo!

b. 22 December 2008

OFA Excel­lent BM-2233E27M-VPI
Elbows nor­mal BM-EL1164M27-VPI
CERF BM-350037

Zappa’s puppy name was Zoolander, and it certainly fits! What a handsome boy, but even better, he’s a terrific working dog.

First snow – February 2009

Carquinez Straits, 2010

IPO1 September 2012

Pi du Loups du Soleil MR3

Feist du Loups du Soleil FR3 MR3 IPO3

Maia Ot Vitosha SchH1

Fauxtois Domaine du Soleil MR2 FR1

Gaston du Chenil Victoire FR1

CH Notoire des Ombres Valereaux SchH2 MR1 FR1 CD

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