Saga vom Grünewald SchH2

Saga youngster

born 17 June 2000 — died 13 Decem­ber 2010
OFA Excellent Hips & Clear Elbows

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Saga is a strong female, with full, firm, hard grips and good drives. In tracking, she’s fast but accur­ate, with good drive for tracking.
Obed­i­ence: Excel­lent heel­ing. Bid­dable and will­ing. A typ­ical Ger­man shep­herd, she takes cor­rec­tions well and works bet­ter with “tra­di­tional” train­ing meth­ods than with lur­ing and shaping.
Saga is a devoted fam­ily dog, excellent with children and reserved to sus­pi­cious with strangers.

Saga and her half brother Bubba Joe

Saga listening to her tracking critique, Summer 1996 – Big Sky SchH Club trial

Saga was bred to Balu aus der Eichendorfsiedlung, owned by Jill Fryling in Minnesota.


Click | here | for pictures & pedigree of Balu

Saga had three sable boys. Friend Jessica took “Goldie” home to be her shop dog and new Schutzhund hopeful.

Goldie aka Hardy

"Goldie" aka Deacon vom Polarstern, aka Hardy, aka Little Shit. Here Hardy is 6 weeks old.

Below is Saga with Eddie and Dax (Eddie’s in front). They’re ten weeks old here.

Saga and the boyz

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