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Recommended Reading


By Ivan Balabanov and Karen Duet
Publisher: Howell Book House
Edition: 1999 Hardback , 198 pages

Includes photos taken at Big Sky Schutzhund Club training sessions!!!

Problem-solving approach to Level III work that will help competitors bring their dogs to the highest level. Tracking, obedience and protection are dealt with individually, analyzing specific problems that crop up in each skill and offering step-by-step solutions. Uses operant conditioning techniques that steer clear of compulsion methods and build confidence, courage and problem-solving ability.


By Steven Lindsay
Publisher: Iowa State University
Edition: 2000

Recommended by Ivan Balabanov & Michael Ellis as a must-have for the serious student of dog behaviour and training.

A comprehensive introduction to the basic applied and scientific literature underlying effective treatment and training programs. Material is organized in a technical and scholarly manner that will appeal to the animal behavior specialist, while remaining relevant and accessible to the nonbehaviorist veterinarian, professional dog trainer, breeder, and serious hobbyist. Describes theoretical issues that impact learning and training in dogs, including the influence of evolution and artificial selection, development and the biological basis of canine behavior, learning and sensory abilities. Clear readable style, but technical.


by Judy Byron & Adele Yunck
Publisher: Jabby Productions
Edition: 1998 Paperback , 380 pages

This is an excellent reference manual that explains how to teach, motivate, and proof obedience exercises from Novice to Utility. Describes how to move from training to showing with a wide variety of breeds; methods presented reflect experiences with training dogs that have different personalities and temperaments. Well illustrated with line drawings and photos. Very readable! Useful for instructors as well as those training their own dogs.


by Janet R Lewis
Publisher: Canine Sports Productions
Edition: 1997 Paperback , 165 pages

Learn how to have a brilliant dog! The key is to understand how dogs learn. Explains step-by-step how dogs perceive our commands and respond to them. Guaranteed to improve your training skill and strengthen your bond with your dog. Also demystifies all of the new training lingo like “positive reinforcement,” “negative punishment,” and forced” vs. “induced.” No matter what your interest: obedience, agility, tracking, herding, conformation, or just to have a well-trained companion, this book will make you a smart trainer!


by Pamela Reid
Publisher: James & Kenneth
Edition: 1996 Paperback , 172 pages

Explains in plain English how dogs learn and how best to teach them! Contents: Motivation, stages of learning, why study learning, science of behaviorism, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, single-event learning, factors that affect learning (timing, schedules of reinforcement),stimulus (signal) control, aversive control of behavior, negative punishment, the application of learning principles to changing behavior, social learning, and more.


by Mary Burch & Jon Bailey (See other books by author)
Publisher: Howell Book House
Edition: 1999 Hardback , 224 pages

Explains the science of operant conditioning, the psychological principle upon which almost all animal training is based. Operant conditioning is the place where science and dog training meet, and the authors bring you there in terms anyone can easily grasp. Every scientific concept is explained clearly and precisely, and its relevance to your dog is laid out. Includes a history of animal training, the basic principles of behavior, behavioral diagnostics (why does the dog do that?), increasing behaviors (teaching your old dog new tricks), decreasing behaviors (dealing with canine delinquents), differential reinforcement, antecedent control, and using punishment. A must-have book for the more serious dog person or behaviorist.


by Jane Savoie
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Edition: 1992 Paperback , 143 pages

Train your mind to achieve more in competition using psychocybernetics–the science of positive mind power. For training horses but top competitors in dog sports use it!


by Diane Bauman (See other books by author)
Publisher: Howell Book House
Edition: 2003 Hardback , 288 pages

Shows how dogs learn, what they do with what they learn, and how a stimulated canine mind, along with an untrampled canine ego, makes for a dog that is a joy to live and work with. Covers competitive obedience exercises novice through utility, but the emphasis is on novice. Even covers how to choose a puppy for competitive obedience, special techniques for large and small dogs, proofing. Exercises are discussed individually. There is a section on using match shows and tips for your actual ring performance.


by Patricia Gail Burnham (See other books by author)
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Edition: 1980 Paperback , 260 pages

This book, in my opionion, started the revolution in motivational training. DogWise says: Obedience training can be fun for both dog and handler! Topics covered include: instructors and training classes, training time, motivation, advice for showing a dog, cues and body language. Realize the full potential of both the dog and the dog/owner relationship; provide an alternative to the violence that conventional teaching methods inflict on the minds and bodies of dogs. One of our most popular training books, it features greyhounds.


by Sheila Booth

Have fun while training! This method gives your dog choices, then you simply reward him for making the correct choice. This gives him credit for being an intelligent, sensitive creature who enjoys working when we allow him to think for himself. This happy attitude assures your dog will work joyfully and correctly–in other words, he will love to work!! Stresses the drive instinct in the dog, and is a step-by-step manual to teach you how to train your dog for winning obedience. Popular with both Schutzhund and competitive obedience customers. Deals with the novice exercises: heeling, sit, stay, down, stand, recall.