New titles!

Congratulations to Samie with Zappa and Carol with Kody on your BH’s. Congratulations to Janice with Sirus and Carol with Kody on your TR1’s; Anne with Aahzi and Samie with Dax and Zappa on your IPO1’s, and Warren with Lexi on your IPO3 and Anne with Bekqa on your FH2.

Thanks to Andrea for her excellent company, her astute judging and her friendship. Thanks to Craig Lewis for once again driving all the way over here to be our trial helper and also for his help and friendship. Thanks to Energizer Sue for her FH2 track laying skills, and to Marie for doing an excellent job of trial secretary.


You know you are truly blessed when the firefighters tell you it took a miracle to save your home. The fire photos were taken by a photographer with the Madison Co. DES team – we were evacuated. My co-worker’s father was on the Butte volunteer fire department that saved our house and our dogs! Thank you, God, and the forest service fire department and the Boulevard Volunteer Fire Department (Butte)!

Sirius is not too traumatized – he still has a ball in his mouth! The light areas around Sirius are ash. I wish I could tell you the black area in the back of the house is a shadow, but it is not. The fire was very, very close. We have 15 acres of charred forest and one small island of unburned trees around the house. Totally amazing!

We were not home when the fire broke out – I was at work and Peter was in Missoula. The firemen got our dogs out of the house and into a fire truck. They must have known the firemen were there to help as they calmly went from the house into the fire truck even with the fire blazing. From there they were transferred to a police cruiser who transferred them to an ambulance which took them to Whitehall. They were extremely happy when I arrived in Whitehall to claim them!

Janice Bogy