Welcome to Big Sky Working Dogs!

Warren Jones, founder and friend, judge, trainer and helper, passed away Sunday 07 July 2013.

Welcome to the virtual training field of Big Sky Schutzhund Club.
Here you will find training articles, trial and seminar dates, trial
results, current news of club members and dogs, and a listing of general
Montana dog events.

Big Sky Schutzhund Club is a member of the American Working Malinois Association.
Its members are dedicated to promoting and preserving the true working
temperament, character and conformation of our working breeds. All
breeds of working heritage and all dogs with correct temperament are
welcome to participate without prejudice.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing: the more you give away, the more you have for yourself!

Our club members are enthusiastic students of dog behaviour and training, and are always ready to share what we’ve learned.

If your dog is mentally and physically sound, has a confident and stable temperament, loves to retrieve and play tug, is not dog aggressive and you think you might be interested in learning about the sport, you’re welcome to come out on a training day and meet us and our dogs. Be warned, though: Schutzhund is a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. It’s very rewarding and a lot of fun, but you won’t make progress without a huge time committment — both on your part and on
ours. Once you join the club, we require dedication and commitment to the sport.

For more information, please contact the club secretary at bigskyschtuzhund@gmail.com



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